Bareez Winter Cream Printed Karandi Collection 2020

Recently has launched winter designs of the name of Bareez Winter Cream Printed Karandi Collection 2020 a winning combination of both floral and geometric motifs, heavily adorned at the neckline, sleeves and borders, on a fine marmalade orange Winter karandi. Available as a three piece suit or as coordinating separate pieces. The irresistible combination of intricately embroidery of yellows, pinks, purples on a sapphire blue – now available as part of Winter 2020. A truly compelling piece – meticulously embroidered monochrome florals on cream.

Bareez Winter R2W Karandi Suits New Collection 2020

A special fabric, sure to become a wardrobe staple. Delicate embroideries that create a gilded aspect, combined with stylized roses, make for an unforgettable + versatile outfit. A multitude of colours and geometric embroideries on fine black lawn karandi – available as a three piece suit, or as separate coordinating pieces.

Striking geometric embroideries, accented with fluorescent pink, on a fine cream winter Karandi fabric – an unforgettable showcase of dynamic colours and motifs. Now available as part of the Winter Collection 2020. A showcase of intricate geometric patterns, accented with turquoise, deep maroon and orange on black – speaks of the magnificent tribal traditions of the subcontinent. You can see the some images of Bareez Winter Cream Printed Karandi Collection 2020 of all pre winter season.

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